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  • 1)Concealed type, stainless steel plate, brass solenoid valve.
    2)Fully automatic with IR sensors.
    3)Built-in water flow regulator valve allows water to be adjusted and turned off as desired.
    4)Electronic control components are filled with resins to give moisture free life.
    5)Water inlet diameter – G1/2”(inch).
    6)Power: AC110V/220V type or DC6V, or both AC TYPE & DC TYPE (“AA” size ALKALINE 1.5V batteris).
    7)Sensing range adjustable: 0-80cm  by a remote control.

    Introducing the Automatic Urinal Flush Control, a cutting-edge solution for efficient and hygienic flushing in commercial and public restroom facilities. This advanced flush control system utilizes sensor technology to detect user presence and automatically initiate flushing processes, eliminating the need for manual operation and promoting hands-free and sanitary conditions.

    The Automatic Urinal Flush Control features settings that are customizable to adjust both the sensing range and activation time to suit facility needs. With its precise control feature, this flush control system offers optimized water usage while ensuring powerful and reliable flushing performance. The materials used in its construction are of high quality and resistant to wear, making it a durable product that will provide long-term reliability.

    Easy installation and maintenance with battery-operated systems that provide extended life and reliable operation make this automatic urinal flush control an ideal choice for use in commercial buildings, airports, restaurants, and other high-traffic areas. It is also designed with self-cleaning functionality, which prevents mineral deposits from forming and ensures consistent performance over time.

    Upgrade your restroom facilities with this state-of-the-art Automatic Urinal Flush Control for providing a superior experience for users while promoting sustainability and hygiene.


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