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C502A / C502B


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  • 1)Concealed type, stainless steel panel with stainless steel outer rim, brass solenoid valve.
    2)Fully automatic with IR sensors.
    3)Built-in water flow regulator valve allows water to be adjusted and turned off as desired.
    4)Electronic control components are filled with resins to give moisture free life.
    5)Water inlet diameter – G1/2”(inch).
    6)Power: AC110V/220V type or DC6V, or both AC TYPE & DC TYPE (“AA” size ALKALINE 1.5V batteris).
    7)Sensing range adjustable: 0-80cm  by a remote control. 

    The Sensor Urinal Flush Valve revolutionizes the way urinals are flushed, offering an intelligent and efficient solution for modern restroom facilities. Equipped with advanced sensing technology, this flush valve automatically detects user presence and initiates a flush cycle, providing a hands-free and hygienic experience.

    With its adjustable sensor range, water-saving mode, and customizable settings, the Sensor Urinal Flush Valve allows for precise control over flushing frequency and water consumption. It is engineered to deliver a powerful and thorough flush while conserving water, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

    Crafted from durable and corrosion-resistant materials, this flush valve is built to withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments. Its compact and sleek design ensures easy installation and maintenance, while the battery-operated system ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.

    The Sensor Urinal Flush Valve is ideal for commercial buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, and other public spaces where cleanliness, water conservation, and user convenience are top priorities. Upgrade your restroom facilities with this state-of-the-art flush valve and provide a superior experience for users while promoting sustainability.




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