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  • 1)Basin mounted type with IR sensors,fully chrome plated brass body.
    2)Power: AC220V, 50HZ (±10%) or DC 6V with 4 “AA” size ALKALINE 1.5V batteries, or both AC110V/220V & DC6V.
    3)Water inlet diameter – G1/2”(inch).
    4)1 min overtime protection to save water.
    5)Sensor distance can be adjusted.
    6)Water saving device can be equiped with 2L/min,4L/min,6L/min.
    7)DC6V type:Low voltage at 4.7V and the light of sensor will be flash to remind that the batteries is going to run out, and when the voltage is at 4.3V, the water will be shut off.8) Special function: hands enter into sensor range, active, and then hands leave, non-stop, and then induct again, water will stop. 

    Installation of our Sensor Based Faucet is quick and straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design. The faucet can be easily installed in both new and existing plumbing systems, making it a hassle-free upgrade option. With battery-powered sensors and no complex wiring required, the installation process is simplified, saving time and effort.

    To ensure top-notch quality and customer satisfaction, our Sensor Based Faucet undergoes rigorous testing procedures. Each unit is carefully inspected for functionality, water flow accuracy, and durability. This commitment to quality ensures that our faucets meet or exceed industry standards, providing reliable and long-lasting performance.

    Our Sensor Based Faucet is suitable for various applications, including residential homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, and public facilities. Its touch-free operation and water-saving features make it ideal for environments where hygiene and efficiency are of utmost importance.

    Experience the future of faucet technology with our revolutionary Sensor Based Faucet. Enjoy the convenience of touch-free operation, maintain superior hygiene standards, and contribute to water conservation efforts. Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with our innovative Sensor Based Faucet and embrace a more efficient and sustainable way of using water. Trust in our expertise and let us redefine your faucet experience.


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