Guangdong Claudy Sanitary Ware Technology Co.,Ltd.

Technical Force

Guangdong Claudy Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, the company has positioned itself in the professional R&D and manufacturing of induction sanitary ware series, including: sensor faucets, sensor flushing valves, sensor urinal, automatic hand dryers and automatic soap dispensers, smart public toilet. All along, the company's goal is to establish a base for research and development and manufacture of this series of products. Based on this positioning, the advantages of cooperation with our company are as follows:


I. Product advantages: The R&D center and manufacturing base have been established in mainland China. The market has a foundation and the products have advantages.

(1),The products of AC products, control boards and solenoid valves are very mature in China. The ability to manufacture qualified products in batches mainly depends on the guarantee of quality system. The company is in accordance with ISO9001 quality certification system from research and development, production to sales. Operation, product qualification rate, manufacturing process, etc. reflect our product advantages

(2)DC products: This product is still a technically immature product in mainland China. It is mainly reflected in the fact that the design and manufacture of solenoid valves have not met the high-precision requirements for the supply of dry batteries for induction sanitary ware. Our company has started its own pulse since August 2002. Valve, high-precision solenoid valve for induction sanitary ware in mainland China, performance, process and technical design are better than other electromagnetic valves used by peers, mainly in: this product not only meets the bistable anti-interference ability of pulse valve And taking into account the requirements of low power consumption, this point is not possible in other manufacturers in the same industry in mainland China. Therefore, our company has product advantages in terms of DC products, which can be verified by testing and testing.

(3), Squat toilet flushing valve products: Solenoid valves in mainland China are prone to rupture of the rubber film, pulse valve is not mature problems, and our company's self-developed valve has solved this problem, the film can be impacted 200000 times under the water pressure of 8kg/cm2, pulse valve technical problems have also been solved half a year ago, which can be verified by the comparative test of the product.


Development capability:

Our company has a foundation of R & D strength, now have 10 electronic engineers, 8 mechanical engineers and a number of auxiliary designers, they graduated from mainland China, full of teamwork spirit. Since the establishment of the company, our R & D team is stable, and has been committed to the research of sensors. Therefore, our R & D personnel have accumulated professional product knowledge and experience to meet the timeliness and requirements of the cooperative product development.


After-sales service commitment:

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it was determined that “ to provide clients with good products and services”, for the company’s business mission, we develop and manufacture products in a responsible attitude towards users and society, reflected in the after-sales service: with the continuous development of our business, the sales after-sales service team has been spread all over mainland China provinces and cities, the network response is rapid, can satisfy dealing with sudden problems within 48 hours. Therefore, the after-sales service reputation of Claudy and Yocoss brands is known in the same industry. Similarly, after- sales service with partners can be reflected in the contract, our company has the ability to undertake service commitments!


Information communication:

(1)、Claudy—OEM business department communicate well with partners, follow up the production of orders and meet the needs of customers, and can solve the problems timely.

(2)、Claudy is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta with convenient transportation and speed of communication.