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C9838A Nano Deodorizer


key word:

  • Detail
  • Eliminate odor within 5 minutes!

    Product Features

    1. Physical deodorization and sterilization, without adding any chemical agents, without secondary pollution, without any side effects on human health, safe and non-toxic.

    2. Release air containing negative oxygen ions to further clean the odor inside the toilet and improve the toilet experience.

    3. Strong adaptability, this device can be widely used in various types of public toilets ranging from 15 to 30 square meters.

    4. Easy installation: No additional floor space required, the equipment can be directly installed on the walls of public toilets, making it suitable for renovation purposes.

    Product Parameters

    1. Applicable area: 5-20 m2

    2. Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ

    3. Rated power; 115W

    4. Theoretical processing capacity; 400m3/h

    5. Service life; 30000 hours

    6. Installation method: Wall mounted installation

    7. External dimensions: 470x150x354mm

    8. Universal area; Within 50 square meters/unit

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