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C760B light energy small impulse


key word:

  • Detail
  • Product Highlights

    1. Light driven, no need to connect wires, no need to replace batteries

    2. Water saving and energy-saving

    Features and Parameters

    1. Integrated design, integrating solar panels and core components into the product

    2. Compact structure, easy to operate and install, and easy to maintain

    3. Driven by light energy, it greatly extends the service life of batteries. When indoor lighting is sufficient, it does not consume battery energy, reduces frequency and battery trouble, saves energy and environmental protection, reduces pollution, and is in line with the national low-carbon development trend

    4. The software sensing flushing function can be customized to meet personalized needs

    5. Water saving and energy-saving (when the interval between two uses is less than 30 seconds, the latter will eliminate the first flushing stage)

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