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C310 surface mounted anti color difference induction water tank


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  • Product Highlights

    1. Anti color difference sensing head

    2. Intelligent recognition of bowel movements and changing flushing mode

    Intelligent induction device

    Save electricity | Save water sources

    Features and Parameters

    1. Hidden anti color difference sensing flushing, equipped with manual mechanical flushing button

    2. Widely used, the built-in water tank is not limited by water pressure and pipe diameter.

    3. High aesthetic value, lightweight and fashionable (length 39cm, width 11cm, height 83cm), easy to install, suitable for renovation.

    Product Features

    1. Anti chromatic aberration eye

    2. Intelligent recognition of flushing mode

    Product Parameters

    Power supply: AC type AC220V or DC type DC6V

    AC/DC type: AC200V/50Hz DC 6V (backup)

    Power: AC type: standby ≤ 2W, action ≤ 4W; DC type: standby ≤ 0.2mW

    AC/DC type: working ≤ 4W; Standby ≤ 0.2mW

    Water supply size pipe: G1“

    Working water pressure: 0.05-0.6MPa

    Environmental temperature: 1-55 ℃

    Environmental relative humidity: ≤ 95%

    Outlet water temperature: ≤ 45 ℃

    Working water temperature: ≤ 75 ℃

    Induction time: Induction for more than 3 seconds, enter the preparation flushing state, and can be manually flushed

    Sensing distance: 65cm ± 5cm

    Water volume: static water pressure 0.24MPa ± 0.01MPa: ≤ 8L/time

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