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C922 Anti color difference induction small impulse


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    Anti color difference sensing head, all copper base for regulating valve and solenoid valve

    Product Features

    1. Buried wall design, effectively preventing external damage

    2. Stainless steel brushed surface cover, sturdy and durable

    Product Parameters

    Power supply: AC type AC220V or DC type DC6V

    AC/DC type: AC200V/50Hz DC 6V (backup)

    Power: AC type: standby ≤ 2W, working ≤ 4W; DC type: standby ≤ 0.2mW

    AC/DC type: working ≤ 4W; Standby ≤ 0.2mW

    Water supply size pipe: G1/2“

    Working water pressure: 0.05-0.6MPa

    Environmental temperature: 1-55 ℃

    Environmental relative humidity: ≤ 95%

    Outlet water temperature: ≤ 45 ℃

    Working water temperature: ≤ 75 ℃

    Induction time: Induction for more than 3 seconds for pre flushing. After leaving, perform secondary cleaning. The flushing can be done manually

    Sensing distance: 65cm ± 5cm

    Water volume: static water pressure 0.17MPa ± 0.01MPa: ≤ 3L/time

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