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Smart toilet introduction
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Claudy smart toilet overall solution, through the application of intelligent equipment in the application of the toilet, enhance its experience, through the four standard 
system modules of intelligent water saving, intelligent power saving, intelligent deodorization and intelligent cleaning, Optimize and upgrade the facilities of public 
toilets, complete water-saving, power-saving and ventilation renovation, increase functions and equipment such as odor detection, cleanliness detection, 
sterilization and mobile phone charging, and comprehensively improve the intelligent and humanized construction level of toilets. The equipment is integrated into the 
management platform to realize effective management of the toilet site environment and equipment through the Internet of Things technology, and greatly improve management efficiency.




1、To monitor and control of the operation of the site (such as water consumption, electricity consumption, human flow, cleanliness, odor concentration, equipment 
operation data by using a computer or mobile phone to achieve unattended operation;
2、An effective management of the site through the remote management system greatly reduces personnel maintenance costs, and one person can manage multiple 
toilets and improve management efficiency.



Through the intelligent LOT, real-time display of toilet seat usage and environmental data, to facilitate managers and users to understand the state of the toilet, in addition, the system of carousel advertising, can better help businesses, enterprises to create a good promotion platform .