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Concept of services
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The concept of services

Six concepts:
Care, love, Honey, Careful, Attentively, Perseverance 
Service aim
We respect and communicate with customers and offer the best service with heart, we consider the quality as the life, to 
create more and more value for the customer, which also is the service aim of CLAUDY.  
The concept of services
Regardless of products or services, Claudy takes the customer first and respect the rights and interests of the consumers. Try to be satisfied with the customer.



Thank you for your long-term attention and support to our company. Our company has established a perfect after-sales service system and commitment in 30 provincial capitals in 
mainland China. The after-sales service in the provincial capital city will be handled within 24 hours. While the quality of products is guaranteed, our company also tries 
its best to continuously improve the service quality.


We hereby make the following service commitments to you regarding our brand sensor products used:

I. Product quality service assurance
1.1 For the use of our company's hydropower series products to implement two years of quality service guarantee;
1.2 For the use of our company's pure electrical products to implement a one-year 
quality service guarantee;
1.3 We provide maintenance and service of our products for life.

Product warranty date confirmation
2.1  The customer shows the order sales receipt to confirm the product warranty period;
2.2  Confirm the warranty period according to the date shown in the barcode;
2.3  Confirm the warranty period by the date shown in the product warranty definition card 
provided in the course of the service;
2.4  Confirm the warranty period by other means.


3. Customer service demand information communication
3.1  For customer service requirements information such as product repair, please call the China Mainland after-sales service tel: 4008-852-520
Communicating service needs, please call technical services at 0760-2218 7131;
3.2 Customers can also communicate their service needs through other media channels such as 
fax, mail, etc.

IV. Customer service information reception and processing
4.1 The company identifies and classifies the customer service demand information and the 
backup file;
4.2 The Company will follow up the whole process of the service process;
4.3 The company carries on the return visit record and the information feedback to the 
service processing result.

Customer complaint handling
5.1 In order to continuously improve our after-sales service work, improve service quality and timeliness, and further guarantee the acceptance and processing of customer complaints 
about after-sales service and product quality. The customer complaint number of the company is 0760 - 2228 7922, which is used as the customer complaint telephone number.
5.2 For customers in mainland China who have complaints about after-sales service and product quality, please call Customer Complaints Tel: 0760-22287922. The general manager office of the company directly accepts and follows up handling.

VI. Scope and category definition of service

6.1 During the warranty period, the product is determined to be a fault caused by the quality problem of the product itself, and our 
company provides accessories and timely on-site maintenance services;
6.2 In case of product failure caused by natural disaster or other force majeure factors, we will charge labor service fee and 
spare part cost;
6.3 After defining that the product has expired the warranty period and the failure needs to replace the accessories and other 
services, we charge the service fee and the accessories cost;
6.4 Due to human damage, improper use or animal gnawing, abnormal voltage and other non - product factors caused product failure, 
our company will charge labor and accessories costs.
6.5 The daily maintenance of the product is not within the scope of free service and needs to be maintained by the user. We can 
provide telephone guidance service or fee-based door-to-door guidance service, the following cases are user maintenance items:
Flush time regulation, induction distance regulation, flow regulation, filter net cleaning, battery replacement, etc.


Free or paid service scope identification

6.1 If the non-quality problems in the scope of product warranty cause failure, the spare parts need to be replaced, then the cost fee of accessories will be charged.
7.2 Non-quality problems within the product warranty cause failure, no replacement parts, no fees;
7.3 The spare parts cost shall be charged if the accessories have been replaced outside the scope of the product warranty;
7.4 If the spare parts are not replaced outside the scope of product warranty, the service fee will be charged according to the situation on the spot.
7.5 Other service items that are not within the scope of after-sales service promised by our company will be charged travel expenses, spare parts fees, 
labor fees and other materials fees according to the situation on the spot,etc.

Service work completion standard
8.1 Our after-sales service staff door-to-door maintenance service and other specific matters in the "after-sales service card" 
detailed description, and submitted to the customer for signature confirmation.
8.2 Customers can feedback on the completion of the service through the national customer service telephone, and complain 
about dissatisfaction items.
8.3 The service specialist of the company will follow up the service demand communicated by the customer and make a return
 visit to confirm the result.


Ways to achieve performance commitments
9.1 According to customer needs to dispatch technical engineers to guide product installation;
9.2 Promise to arrange after-sale door-to-door maintenance or service within 24 hours after receiving customer demand notification;
9.3 Improve product technical knowledge and other trainings according to customer requirements at any time;
9.4 Answer customer consultation on service and technology at any time;
9.5 Implement systematic management of customer data and make regular return visit.

Service objectives
1.Establish standardized operation service system. 
2.Through the quantitative assessment mechanism, to achieve customer satisfaction.
3.The goal of customer service is to be satisfied with customers and customer satisfaction. 

Service Commitment


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction-The customer we are seeking is satisfied.
Satisfaction Program-We strive to satisfy customers in terms of products, services, brands, etc., 
not in some way. 
Satisfied customers - all departments of our enterprise, individual employees, as well as suppliers, 
distributors and service outlets, each other as customers, so that he/she is satisfied with their 
heart , so as to work together to create satisfactory users.

Service policy
CClaudy firmly supports and implements the national provisions of partial commodity warranty, replacement and return, Product quality Law and Consumer Rights Law, and on this basis, puts forward high-demand service commitments, improves the service level according to the continuous service demand of users, and embodies Claude's service concept. When the user starts to purchase our products, the following services can be obtained:
1.24-hour customer service line: 8008 307955.
2.24 hours of service and timely after-sales service.
3.The product enjoys the warranty service within the scope of warranty .
4.The products have after-sales service and maintenance.