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After sales service
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1. The company regularly or irregularly uses the form of business negotiation or technical support to 
introduce the company’s new products, publicity materials and related new product information to 
2. TThe company can design and develop various models of products according to customer requirements.



The company will set up a special person to answer and record the customer's telephone consultation;



1.For hydropower series sanitary ware products to carry out two years of quality maintenance, and pure 
electric series sanitary ware products to carry out one year quality maintenance.
2.According to customer requirements, the company can arrange technical engineers to guide the 
installation on site.
3.Arrange full-time after-sales service engineers in 30 provincial capitals in mainland China to solve 
customer service problems.
4.The company sets up 400 or 800 service telephone number to accept the customer’s consulting or 
product repair service.


1.In case of quality problems during the warranty period, we shall provide the repair consultation or 
exchange service of the spare parts.
2.For product failure caused by natural disasters or other irresistible factors, need to exchange the 
accessories, and we need to charge the cost of the accessories.
3.Due to human damage, improper use or animal gnawing, abnormal voltage and other non-product 
factors caused by product failure, the company charged service fees at market prices.

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