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Company profile
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Founded in 1997, Guangdong Claudy Saniary Ware Technology CO., LTD(formerly known 
as "Zhongshan Yocoss Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.") set up his mind to become a 
supplier of Global public toilet intelligent water saving solutions. After more 
than 10 years’ exploration and development, we have become the largest sanitary 
ware enterprise which set research and development, production, sales, service, 
installation as one. And we reached international leading level. Our products are 
widely used in public places such as enterprise, hospitals, hotels, office 
buildings, airports, stations etc, city public toilets for independent buildings 
and tourist toilets.


Claudy implements marketing strategy “regard service marketing as strategic high ground, construct smooth service channels”, and set up 33 after-sales service branches all over the 
country. Now we have fifteen thousand customers (new customers are increasing by 100 every month), offering important re-developed resources for marketing . Service marketing 
also promotes rapid development of OEM, self-owned brand and intelligent public toilets project.

Guangdong Claudy Saniary Ware Technology CO., LTD


Claudy successfully announced its public listing on NEEQ on August 5th ,2016 and was awarded 
high-technology enterprise title on November . At the same time, we set up public toilets 
center, main research direction are: how to save water, energy and labor force, decrease 
loss under premise of ensuring toilets clean and tasteless, and make some in-depth study by 
category. We build the Public toilet intelligent project manage brand “Claudy”, try our 
best to become the first and largest public toilet operating enterprise.

We have high-level R&D team with about 20 people. We got 34 patented technology of intelligent 
public toilets project, among which anti-color technology and waterproof technology are in 
the international leading position. Our sensor sanitary products have national water - saving 
certification, ISO9001: 2008 recognition, 3C certification and CE certification, and are 
exported to East-south Asia, Europe and other regions.

With impeccable quality, leading technology, excellent manufacturing craft and leading design, Clady has been a model after years of development..
Claudy spirit: Reason, dedication, noble, aspiring.